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Olives and Olive Oil

  • Olive Oil Analysis: Q&A describing the trade standard definitions
    for Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the assays required and
    recommended to determine oil quality and grade.  

  • Polyphenols and Antioxidants (PDF): One-page brochure about
    Polyphenols among olive oil antioxidants; their relevance as
    indicators of potential shelf life, oil style and health benefits.

  • Olive Oil Filtration (PDF) One-page summary of the benefits and
    issues associated with filtering olive oil.


  • The Olive Oil Times is the most-read source of news, reviews
    and analysis on olive oil.  With a staff of expert contributors in
    every olive oil producing region provide timely information for
    consumers, industry professionals and olive oil enthusiasts.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Variety Identification

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