We have developed these services for olive growers and olive oil mills
based on our experience supporting the needs of our customers during
the growing and harvest seasons.

What services do we provide?

    For olive growers we provide olive fruit testing to adjust time of
    harvest and agronomic practices:  
  • Olive fruit oil and moisture content assessment for optimal
    harvest time.  
  • Olive fruit quality testing (acidity and/or polyphenols) prior to

    For olive oil millers we provide:
  • Olive fruit testing: evaluates oil and moisture content n the
    fruit prior to oil extraction. Free acidity and total phenols
    testing are also available. .
  • Extraction yield measures the ratio in oil content between
    olive fruit and  pomace.
  • Olive Pomace testing measures oil and moisture content for
    downstream uses such as composting or pomace oil

    For millers and producers, to assist in the periodic calibration of
    near-infrared (NIR) and other instruments
  • Calibration verification provides reference measurements to
    adjust or correct instruments reading oil and water content in
    fruit, and olive oil quality parameters such as free acidity,
    peroxide, ultraviolet absorbency and polyphenols.
Olive oil spout in mill


How to submit samples for analysis?

  1. Collect and label your samples. You may download 2x4 Labels.
  2. Fill out a submission form to identify each sample, provide your
    contact information and any additional data for the analysis report.
    Download Submission Form.
  3. Enclose payment. See Price List .

Contact us to coordinate shipping and processing, as prompt analysis is
recommended (24-48 hours).
Olive oil filtered
How should samples be collected?

  • Olive fruit samples should be collected in large zip-loc bags and
    kept in a cool container or a refrigerator. About 1 lb of fruit is
    sufficient. Contact us to discuss a suitable sampling strategy. .

  • Olive pomace (also known as “mash”) samples should be collected
    in large zip-loc bags. Use double bags for safety, since water
    content tends to be high. About 1 lb is sufficient.

  • NIR Instrument calibration samples may consist of olive oil and/or
    ground olive fruit paste. It is recommended to submit several
    samples spanning a range of result values (high and low), and read
    all samples on your instrument prior to shipping for analysis.
  • For ground olive fruit, follow the same recommendations
    above for olive fruit samples.
  • For olive oil samples, submit (at least) 50 ml in a glass
Sampling olive oil
Further questions?

Please Contact us for further information.
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