Olive Oil Analysis

    Agbiolab provides olive oil testing to determine grade based on
    trade standards specified by USDA and the International Olive
    Council (IOC). These tests meet the California Olive Oil Council's
    (COOC) requirements for Extra Virgin Olive Oil Seal Certification and
    for the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.

    We offer a these olive oil tests to assess quality and grade:
  • Free Acidity
  • Peroxide Value
  • Ultra-violet (UV) Absorbency.

    We also provide Total Phenol, which measures antioxidant
    properties in the oil, a means to assess potential shelf life, classify
    the oil’s style (robust, medium or mild) and ascertain health benefits.

    We provide Sensory Analysis, an assessment of the organoleptic
    attributes of the oil, which are appreciated through the senses of
    smell and taste .

    The California Olive Oil Council EVOO Seal Certification program
  • Production less than 50 gallons: Free Acidity, Peroxide Value
  • Production greater than 50 gallons: Free Acidity, Peroxide
    Value, UV

    The Los Angeles International EVOO Competition requires Free
    Acidity and Peroxide Value.

    See Olive Oil Analysis for further information and pricing.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Services for Olive Growers and Mills

    Olive growers and millers may benefit from measuring parameters in
    olive fruit, olive paste, pomace or waste water, which impact oil yield
    and quality:

  • Olive Fruit moisture and oil content for optimal harvest time
    (fruit maturity).
  • Extraction Yield measures the difference in oil content
    between the olive fruit and the pomace.
  • Olive Pomace testing characterizes this by-product for
    downstream uses such as composting or pomace oil extraction.
  • Instrument Calibration assays provide reference
    measurements for the recalibration of NIR and other
Olive Oil spout at the mill

Variety Identification

    We apply DNA fingerprinting methods to identify cultivars based on
    molecular plant breeding techniques that were expanded in forensic

    DNA fingerprinting is routinely used for varietal identification in
    several major field and horticultural crops: grapes, olives, walnuts,
    plums, melons and others.

    Healthy young leaves are usually preferred as samples. DNA is
    extracted and then subject to amplification, an accelerated, time-
    compressed multiplication of specific regions of the DNA. By
    simultaneously analyzing several DNA regions that differ among
    cultivars, a unique pattern (a "fingerprint") can be assembled and
    then used to match against established cultivar fingerprints within a

    We have compiled an extensive database that includes hundreds of
    varieties from northern and southern Italy, Spain, France, Middle
    East, Northern Africa, Greece and Australia.

Sample olive leaves

Plant Disease Diagnosis

    Agbiolab specializes in diagnosing prevalent diseases in trees, vines
    and various crops using PCR and ELISA methodologies. These
    laboratory techniques, which are sensitive and robust, require
    scientific training and sophisticated equipment. PCR and ELISA are
    well-established, proven methodologiess that provide fast and
    accurate diagnosis of plant pathogens (fungi, bacteria, phytoplasms
    and viruses) such as anthracnose, Alternaria, and scab in almonds,
    or Fan Leaf Virus, crown gall, Xylella and vine decline in grape.

    PCR and ELISA can be applied to many diseases and crops. We
    welcome your consultation about diagnosing specific pathogens of
    concern to you.  At Agbiolab we are continually expanding our
    diagnostic services to cover other trees and field crops, such as rice.

Sample diseased grape leaves

Plant Genetic Testing

    GMO Detection
    Agbiolab tests can determine the presence of undesirable or
    adventitious Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in seeds, grains
    or fruits destined to export or domestic markets, as well as in food
    stuffs and oils.

    Contact us for further information.
Gel electrophoresis under UV light
Custom Projects

    We can develop tests based on molecular technologies to address
    specific unmet needs of your agribusinesses. Testing can be
    integrated seamlessly with your existing production processes and
    provide you with timely results. We welcome your confidential

96 well plates for sample processing
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