Olive Oil Analysis

To submit your samples
  1. Provide each sample in a 250 ml (or larger) container;
  2. Label each sample to uniquely identify it;
  3. Enclose a submission form (click for Submission Form)
  4. Enclose payment.
Olive Fruit, Pomace and Waste Water

To submit your samples
  1. Provide a 1 lb sample in a plastic bag or bottle;
  2. Label each sample to uniquely identify it;
  3. Enclose a submission form (click for Submission Form)
  4. Enclose payment.
Variety Identification

The samples should be prepared as follows:
  1. Each sample should consist of 6 or 8 leaves, preferably
    young twigs.
  2. Place each sample in a Ziploc bag
  3. Label each sample either using labels that you can print on
    2x4 self-adhesive sheets or simply use indelible marker.
  4. Ensure the leaves have natural humidity, but are free of
    dew or water drops on them.
  5. Place some padding on the box
  6. You should overnight them during the hot months.
  7. Enclose a submission form (click for Submission Form)
  8. Enclose payment.
Disease Diagnosis

To submit your samples:
  1. Follow a sample collection procedure dependent on the
    type of test desired:
  • Plant disease diagnosis;
  • GMO detection.
  1. Label each sample to uniquely identify it;
  2. Enclose in each shipment the submission forms
    corresponding to the tests desired;
  3. Enclose payment.

We will return to you a report describing the test results on
each sample, according to your instructions.

Sample Collection
    Successful testing requires appropriate sample collection,
    labeling and handling.

    For plant disease diagnosis, please follow our Sample
    Collection Instructions. If there are any unanswered
    questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

    For GMO detection follow the sample collection instructions
    in the submission form.

Submission Forms
    Submission forms are specific to the test desired:

    List every sample you are sending. Enclose one or more
    submission forms in each package, numbered

    At least one submission form should identify your
    company’s name and address, in addition to your contact
    and payment information.

    For disease diagnosis, you can also include a graph of
    your collection scheme.

Labeling, Packing and Shipping
    We can provide you with a shipping kit of bags and labels.
    You can use our sample label templates (Click for 2x4
    Labels). Print them on standard 2x4 inch label stickers
    (10 to a page).  

    Keep samples cool. Avoid moisture in your shipping
    container. You may include multiple samples in a shipment.

    Mail freshly collected samples early in the week, preferably
    by overnight carrier.
Samples Submission
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